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Published on Feb 17, 2019


The episode last week – our review HERE – had marked a small step forward for Black Lightning. In fact, after having rested in important ways on the component of the drama,, the series had tacked-on the territories of her most responsive, as well as those socio-political, with an episode dense that he had shown the will to start to pull the sums of the various narrative strands, attached to the clues, which are scattered along the previous episode. Despite starting well, the episode was a little lost but still managed to snatch a enough.

Unlike what is reported in the review of the last episode, this week's episode, titled The Book of Secrets, Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire, it is not the season finale, given that this second season will consist of 16 episodes, but simply will take a break until 4 march.

Jennifer began her training intending, after the death of Khalil, to deliver to justice the person responsible for that is Tobias Whale. Anyssa meanwhile, investigates the sudden disappearance of Grace discovering a staggering secret about his identity and about his childhood.

The pivot of the events in Freeland, however, remain the subjects in stasis. The ASA is worried by the aggressiveness of the agents of Markovia, Lynn is then informed of the intention to move them to the safe. The woman, however, the contrary is believed to be close to a possible cure. The intention of the ASA are of course intercepted by Tobias who goes to the counterattack awakening so one of the 4 super-meta, thanks to the help of Dr. know Jace. Once again the Whale seems to be a step ahead of our heroes.

Jefferson, in fact, cannot do other than help his wife when the lab is stormed and understand, finally, the intentions of his enemy from the Stalks.

The Book of Secrets, Chapter Three: the Pillar of Fire continues to build to the climax of this second season with another episode of dense, but once again unable to hit the proverbial target.

This is definitely an episode dense, like that of last week, that is certainly regret in the first part of the season too slow and long-winded on the secondary aspects of situations and characters, but that flaw in terms of the rhythm – and in this sense it is necessary to impute a certain laziness of the director – while showrunner and writers trying to bring to completion certain narrative strands, secondary, old or new, making them organic in comparison to the robust main thread.

From this point of view are shown in the foreground, the sub-plot of Jefferson as president – with a result that is immature – and that of Anyssa and Grace, perhaps developed with a bit of delay. Like last week there is some step that denotes a certain awkwardness like for example Jennifer that part at the assault of The One Hundred using his powers in a way an “expert” when just a few episodes ago hardly could control them.

Despite Black Lightning still on the sidelines, and with the action cut to the bone, the episode flows pretty well thanks to a vision finally convincing even the villain Tobias Whale, whose figure, refreshed by a plan that is clear and concise, finally released from a certain anonymity that always had marked.

We are far from a result which may go beyond the enough, but at least we can be cautiously optimistic for the triptych of the ending episodes that await us, as already mentioned in the opening, starting from the 4th of march.

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