Black Lightning 2×12 – The Book of Secrets, Chapter Two: Just and Unjust | Review


Published on Feb 10, 2019


We left Black Lightning in the last week with an episode – our review HERE – which was concluded with a note clearly dramatic with the death of Khalil, and with the villain Tobias Whale is a step decisively forward from Jefferson and his allies not only, having opened the briefcase belonged to the ASA but also having localized the 5 super meta-humans kept hidden thanks to the precious help of Dr. sa Jade.

This week's episode, titled The Book of Secrets, Chapter Two: Just and Unjust again yes in the processing of the grief that struck Jennifer and, in general, the family of Pierce but also from a sudden attempt of kidnapping of Lynn with a lot of “wounding” of Anyssa and averted only by the timely arrival of the agents of the ASA.

While the Stems begins to investigate on his or her life, Jennifer returns to school, where he has a heated argument with the headmaster, and of course Khalil and his commemoration. Also Anyssa need to download a bit of the tension and seeks to help a patient against one of the leaders of the band of The One Hundred at the risk of being knocked out.

The situation that you are envisaging in Freeland begins to emerge more clearly when it is revealed that the attackers come from Markovia, a country in Eastern Europe where the Dr. knows Jade had worked after the flop of the “program of vaccines” in Freeland – the same on which he had worked the Stems and that had given powers to the Jefferson – putting it suddenly in the center of the attention of the ASA that especially Tobias who need his help to open the 5 capsules containing the super meta-human.

The penultimate episode of this second season of Black Lightning is strangely dense, and while maintaining a fairly high fails properly to hit the target.

It is obvious the will of the showrunner and writers to give meaning to the various “clues” scattered throughout the season as well as to the various narrative strands that are left too often suspended, but The Book of Secrets, Chapter Two: Just and Unjust fails when it wants to replace the component drama for other characters that are not Jennifer – in this case, Anyssa, and the sub-plot of Grace's seemingly wound up in a blink of an eye, or even for Lynn, and Jefferson on the concept of “normality” already dissected in a satisfactory manner in the past – and, above all, the socio-political returns overbearing but in a way not equally effective if not for the dialogue between the dean of the school of Jefferson, a point of view very outspoken on racism, to be honest.

The episode in short part well but loses a bit of focus between narrative strands hurry up too quickly, some of the dialogue too banalotto and a couple of action scenes, the direction of which denotes clear references netflixiani.

Just 45 minutes from the end of this second season, it is reasonable to expect a clash between Black Lightning, men from Markovia, and Tobias Whale. It is equally clear, from the large space lasciatole in these episode, like the needle of the balance will be represented by Jennifer and her now had to debut the costume.

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