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Published on Nov 22, 2018


As well as his companion of the evening, The Flash, Black Lightning is absolutely not in a form encouraging. After a start of the season convincing the series, in fact it is situated on the styles little incisors failing to develop properly the positive points of the first season. It was as unfortunately negative the episode last week – our review HERE – who had tried to do the lever on the side, plus the emotional relationships between the characters and with a result that is anything but appreciable.

The episode had, however, brought with it some important implications that the death of the Stems, the development of the sub-plot of Anyssa and Grace that he showed as the last, with all probability, it was a metaumana – the cliffhanger linked to Anyssa and the disappearance of one of his patients pregnant and on the death of his companion with the leaking from his wounds, a liquid similar to mercury, and finally, the failed attempt of care on the part of Lynn and Dr. sa Jace of the subjects in the stasis that had led to the deaths of 14 of them.

Many of these ideas are “resolved” in the opening of the episode this week titled " The Book of Blood, Chapter Two: The you Lose. We will relive the assault on the Stems, Lynn will have to bear the psychological burden, and not just the failed attempt of care and we will make the understanding of the mysterious Looker from which it seems to “come” liquid-like mercury.

Meanwhile, Anyssa sets out in search of his patient, arriving in the south of Freeland, there will be welcomed by the gun, by a community of inmates and will help the girl to give birth... however, When infants are two – one white and one black – Anyssa will find that in this part of the city there is ongoing, for centuries, a war between whites and blacks, between Sange and Lose. The first meet Looker, who appeared in Freeland, approximately 30 years before, and then likely survived as Jefferson to the “vaccine” to the original, which, through the liquid, which responds to its commands that gives them strength and speed superhuman.

The intervention of Black Lightning will contribute, however, to bring in, except only one of the two babies...

In the city Whale wants to put the hands on clinic – the last piece to dominate the quarter – and ordered Khalil to kill the Reverend Holt: the comparison is hard and get the worst of it will obviously be the guy.

The Book of Blood, Chapter Two: The is a Loose episode is absolutely unusual for Black Lightning, not only because it focuses on Anissa – leaving the protagonist completely or almost apart – but also because, with a structure that is bizarre opens new and unexpected implications in the narrative.

With a tone almost of horror – and ripping off an obvious page from films such as Underworld – the series decides to veer from the themes and narrative strands the major, revealing a certain depth that sinks its roots in the more “cartoony” of the series by introducing their own version of the Looker, and by reference to Markovia, with a wink so the eye to the legendary Outsiders that Black Lightning is historically a part in the comics.

This digression may allow showrunner and writers of decline, a “new” socio-political issues always been the backbone of the series. The direction and the pace are good, great crafting an episode the firm whose only flaw are the action scenes and not at the height.

Now it remains to be seen how this new trend begins with the main and non-left, rightly, is still open. And there is no doubt, however, that the rush of the freshness of this episode has been remarkable.

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