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Published on Nov 07, 2018


Thanks to the week break that coincides with the elections of half a term in the USA, we can put ourselves on a par with Black Lightning. We had left the series two weeks ago with an unexpected cliffhanger: the arrest of Tobias Whale.

From here, with a Whale in the housing, again this week's episode titled " The Book of Consequences, Chapter Four: Translucent Freak. For Jefferson, the news is unexpected and seems to be decisive to identify the person responsible for the murder of his father, but the criminal seems to have orchestrated this move in a perfect way: the idea is to drop all the charges against him so as to come out clean in public opinion.

While Jennifer still shows evident difficulty to manage his powers, Anyssa has a violent quarrel with Jefferson that the door to pack up and go home: Jefferson has, in fact, discovered some small extra activities of his daughter to fund the clinic, stealing criminals.

But Jeff has to manage the new situation at Garfield High in which the new dean is implementing a zero tolerance policy for beating its previous policies of integration and empowerement. Lynn, meanwhile, must stem the “curiosity” of the Dr. knows Jace, poking around in the files related to the metahumans, has discovered some of the DNA samples without traces of Green Light, and belonging apparently to the akin subjects.

Shanks tries to save Fowdy, but for her there are hopes, however, manages to learn from the woman that the famous case of the ASA is in the hand of Tobias. The same Tobias, cleared of implementing its first move: attack the clinic trying, and succeeding, to bring out Black Lightning.

The Book of Consequences, Chapter Four: Translucent Freak is a passing episode that serves as a showrunner and writers to take stock of the situation on the characters.

Great space and then to the interaction, and very little to the action – confined manner, in reality, not incisive in the last 5 minutes of the episode – with Jefferson to make the pin in the complex situation of the family, in a tension between the two daughters, and a very proactive – even too much so for the tastes of the hero – while the other is still a “prisoner” and insecure.

Around this fulcrum develops a fair reflection on the use of the powers and the weight that these bring to those who own them and those around them – the reflection has already been discussed in the series but that always hides the implications it interesting – and a series of sub-plots and more or less successful.

The “clash” between Lynn and Jace is constructed in a way tense and believable, and, above all, without haste, while the same can not be said of Whale that is still a villain bitter and overwhelming by his own plans both simple and long-winded.

Black Lightning which travels on the rails safe but it is evident the lack of that something that kindle a genuine interest in the spectator: in fact there are several plots and sub-plots that are going off track, but which in reality are already mature. The quality varies and the action scenes also brings to the surface one of the flaws of the series or the “clumsiness” of the protagonist aspect that in the past season had been dammed transforming Black Lightning in a mentor, solution that perhaps would deserve more attention on the part of the showrunner and writers.

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