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Published on Oct 21, 2018


The season premiere of last week we had returned a Black Lightning in the discrete form – our review HERE. The series, in fact, seemed to have done treasure the naivety of the first season, but also of its strengths and, above all, on the latter he based an episode aimed at the center of which had found a place in a great dialogue on the concept of heroism, super-heroism, and on the idea of helping others.

The episode last week was, however, also served to provide a new status quo to the series with two opposite poles, but complementary: Jefferson Pierce, he was suspended from the role of principal of Garfield High, while Lynn was able, thanks to some skillful moves, taking charge of the project who supervised the subjects metahumans mopped up by the ASA and held still in stasis.

This week's episode, titled " The Book of Consequences, Chapter Two – Black Jesus Blues, starts precisely from these two poles. On the one side, Black Lightning, and Lynn will track down a young metaumana revived from stasis, while for Jefferson Pierce, the challenge will be to support the handover with the new head... a white in a school with a majority of students of color.

Begins the emerging of the plan of Tobias, in the possession of the mysterious briefcase and the secrets of the SAA, there are also gather the new metahumans, those created by the Green Light, such as Issa, brought home by Lynn, he will manifest his powers in all their explosive, embarrassment... for the family of Pierce.

If Anissa seems to be now fully at ease with his powers and in the role of the Thunder, the same can not be said of Jennifer, who has not yet accepted, in addition to not be able to control it, his powers. This then adds an unexpected visit of Kalil aka Painkiller.

After the good season premiere, Black Lightning falls immediately in the ugly styles that had characterized the episodes less successful last season.

The Book of Consequences, Chapter Two – Black Jesus Blues is essentially a passing episode, free of stain and a little punchy.

In the middle of a script cluttered with too many ideas and is a film that really difficulty able to follow all the narrative strands, there are only two, very small, points of interest: on the one hand, Tobias reveals, vaguely, his plan leaving to understand the content of the case of the ASA, on the other, Lynn launched into an explanation of how it works, the physiology of the young metahumans and why they have to be put in stasis in order to avoid collapse.

For the rest of the episode drags without the action scenes are particularly significant, with dialogue pretty banal – which was unusual for a series that actually is based on a comparison between the characters – and attempts, very little is happy to bring forward the sub-plots of Anissa, the choices here are quite trivial, and Jennifer still, in my view, too far from as good in the second part of the first season.

In short, Black Lightning returns to the bad habits of the first season, fortunately or unfortunately, we are only in the second episode, and the shot may indeed be correct.

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