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Published on Oct 10, 2018


Black Lightning was the mysterious object of the past tv season by The CW/DC. The series, the game discreetly, and with the premises is extremely noble, it was then lost and the end of its travel a bit immature, and, above all, emerging as a long prologue without being able to capitalize on the resonance of the social issues she had addressed in some of the episodes.

If we wanted to summarize the best and the worst of the first season you could safely say that from one hand, the lack of an outright villain had made the series, especially in the central part of the season, and quite evanescent while the subplots of the two daughters of the hero, Anyssa and Jennifer, and their powers rising, had given a fresh touch to the series by transforming Jefferson Pierce as a mentor, unique perspective and interesting.

We left Black Lightning foil the plans of the ASA, the agency that his experiments had created metahumans like him, who had threatened the entire population of Freeland and at the same time manage the powers, the rising of the two daughters, but in opposite ways, had reacted to the revelation that the father was the hero Black Lightning. On the horizon meanwhile, Tobias Whale had begun to reorganize itself on the strength of “information” have been stolen right at the ASA.

The premiere of the second season – titled The Book of Consequences, Chapter One: Rise of the Light Green Babies – rests on the consequences of the battle that took place at Garfield High, and on the actions of the ASA.

The school is for the moment closed, and Jefferson is under investigation for not being there at the time of the attack – in reality, he was there as Black Lightning, but this school board is not interested in – while Lynn is questioned from the ASA about the persons kidnapped and placed in stasis by the Proctor, the agent, the rebel that had kicked off the operation in Freeland.

While in the rear this happens, the streets of Freeland are pervaded by the fear of Greenlight, the drug with which the ASA rintracciava possible metahumans, and who is in danger of becoming just a phobia from metahumans, as she knows Jenn who still has a problem accepting and, above all, manage her powers, risking to hurt their own mother.

Anyssa singing his take of the chest on the situation, and with the community that is in need of money to pursue the legal battle against the government and the ASA, he decided to start small raid against the leading families of the criminals of the city.

Jefferson, meanwhile, must bow to the evidence: the inspector Henderson has discovered his identity. It will be a valuable ally? At the centre of concern of the hero, however, stands out in the case of smuggling to the Proctor that seems to contain “information” vital and which we know to be in the hand of Tobias Whale...

Winning Formula does not change, but surely you can make it more organic, and in this sense, Black Lightning starts very well his second season.

Leveraging an unprecedented pace extremely tense, “The Book of Consequences, Chapter One: Rise of the Light Green Babies” is not only the point of the situation, and of the many sub-plots that are still open from the first season, but tries to make them converge in a single narrative from multiple facets.

It is a choice certainly brave on the part of the showrunner, which, however, at least for this first episode, it works crystallising superbly in the dialogue between Lynn and Jefferson on the idea of helping others and on the idea of the hero and wear a costume – reflections “classic” in the field of superhero, but always meaningful.

This season premiere was far from being an episode perfect – the ingenuity is not lacking, and the lack of a villain's true you always hear – not only from the point of view of writing, but also from that of the direction the series seems to want to inspire a certain series on Netflix supereroistiche: it is enough to compare the camera movements of the two action scenes of the episode, or the particular attention to the dialogues and the plot between the characters.

Black Lightning seems to want to grow up, even in the little orthodox, a “style” that the united a few small but substantial correction could bring the series to really make the proverbial leap of quality. The beginning certainly encouraging.

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