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Published on Feb 28, 2018


After a three-week break caused by the Winter Olympics returns with a new episode even Black Lightning.

We left the series with an episode acerbo, a filler, almost useless – our review here – which had not made progress to the main plots of the series but had only provided a few interesting trying to narrate almost parallel to the story of Jefferson Pierce and his family in a parallel fashion, following a sort of red thread was the idea of “origins”.

Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder resumes substantially the structure of the previous episode trying to follow three narrative strands separate, or one main Jefferso and the secondary with their two daughters, Jennifer and Anissa.

The plot revolves around the powers malfunctioning of Jefferson but especially to the discovery, on the part of the hero, Tobias Whale is in Freeland. So let's begin to discover the motivation that pushed Jefferson to wear the clothes of Black Lightning: Whale has killed the father in front of his eyes. The hero is so determined to get justice by just entering in sharp contrast with the ally Stems, and especially with his wife Lynn, who is not going to be an accomplice, nor to relive the traumas of a life at the side of a vigilante.

In the meantime, just in Freeland growing racial tensions and Anissa is obviously in the first row, while it continues to investigate on the mysterious nature of his powers and on the articles signed for Freeland Journals from his grandfather, and insabbiati because they spoke of a mysterious vaccine and some of the children with special abilities by directly contacting the mother. His sister, Jennifer, on the other hand is still facing problems related to the accident of her boyfriend Khalil, was paralyzed, also suffered some acts of cyberbullying.

Your Lynn discovers, almost by chance, a connection between the terrible drug Green Light – at the center of the previous episode – and the intermittency of the powers of Jefferson but apparently this discovery also affects someone else who does not scruple in the attack in his laboratory. Only the immediate intervention of Anissa – in his rag-tag costume – the save but at the same time the place comes Black Lightning: the clash between father and daughter is inevitable and almost fatal!

At halfway, the situation of Black Lightning is not the most optimistic.

For about 30 minutes Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder runs flat and free of stain trying to follow three narrative strands, but without being able neither to mix nor to make them interesting with a direction that can only chase a plot hole with the dialogues and the situations stereotypical, including the element of social commentary – definitely less punchy compared to the first episodes – and the drama is still too forced.

In the last 10 minutes of the episode, however, has a flash, and she reached for the broken of the headphone the enough. On the one hand, the clash, the father/daughter is the first true action scene worthy of the name after episodes avarissimi from this point of view, and provides the springboard for what will surely be the main theme of the second part of the first season; on the other, Whale has given to his plan to discredit Black Lightning involving your Khalil. Finally, the Stems and the boss of the Whale, Lady Eve, they exchange threats to each other as it seems they have a past history to share and this will definitely be an item to keep in mind for future developments.

The series has undoubtedly lost the enamel of the first episodes, you must immediately correct the shot and decide on which aspect to focus on, and insert a more organic action scenes and helping to develop definitely the villain.

Work to be done there is a lot of episodes, at the finish of the end of the season is only 7!

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