Black Hammer/Justice League: meet in July


Published on Mar 13, 2019


After the speculation of the last few months, in the late afternoon, Dark Horse and DC have announced the “crossover superhero final of 2019” or Black Hammer/Justice League: the Hammer of Justice!

The crossover, which will be a miniseries in 5 parts starting in July in the USA, it will be written by Jeff Lemire (co-creator of the Black Hammer, and signing well-known for his work as Essex County, Descender, Green Arrow, Sweet Tooth) and illustrated by Michael Walsh (Spider-Man, Star Wars). The covers will be signed, for the #1, by Michael Walsh, Andrea Sorrentino with colors by Dave Stewart, Yanick Paquette colors by Dave Stewart, Yuko Shimizu and Jeff Lemire with colors by Dave Stewart.

Lemire commented:

“Black Hammer/Justice League: the Hammer of Justice is a project that I believe is real, even if I already wrote it myself. Anyone who knows me and Black Hammer knows how much I love the DC Universe. This was a great opportunity to work with Michael Walsh and unite the two universes for a special story and fun. I am extremely excited about the series and i think fans of both universes will enjoy the read as we enjoyed Michael and I to create it.”

In Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice, a strange visitor arrives at the same time on the Farm and in Metropolis, and both worlds are distorted and attacked by starro's! Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Superman meet and then Golden Gail, Colonel Weird, and the rest of the heroes trapped on the Farm.

Black Hammer/Justice League: meet in July is




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