Black Friday Netatmo: offer thermostat, smart camera and many other products


Published on Nov 24, 2017


Also, Netatmo participates in the Black Friday and puts in the offer the thermostat-smart, the camera Welome, weather station home, and the device for the control of the quality of the air in the house. These are all smart products, which can be managed via iPhone.

The Thermostat Netatmo allows the user to control the heating via mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet, or Pc and Mac. Can be set to reflect the habits of the one who uses it. For maximum comfort, you can predict the beginning of the start-up of the heating depending on the degree of insulation and the temperature outside the apartment.

The user can thus benefit from the thermal condition, ideal at the right time. Netatmo has equipped the Thermostat for Smartphone with new tools to analyze and monitor the energy consumption. Already this fall, users will receive each month a detailed report (ERS), which includes customized recommendations for optimizing the use of heating in the following months. The Auto-Adapt analyses daily the isolation of the dwelling and the outside temperature.

This product is to buy it on Amazon on offer at a price of 124€.

The Weather Station, Netatmo allows you to receive accurate information and local weather all over the world, from the temperature to the rainfall.

The Weather Station for Smartphones Netatmo and its accessories provide a complete solution to observe the weather conditions and ultra-local. Monitor the environmental elements, both internal and external, including temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality and noise pollution. All of the information that are provided via the smartphone of the user allowing them to improve their well-being in the home and adapt their outdoor activities.

The Rain gauge, one of the accessories of the Weather Station for Smartphones, it is ideal to decide on their activities in the open air, but also to know when to water the plants: record the amount of rain-fall per hour and accumulated in longer periods of time. The Netatmo Weathermap is freely accessible on the website of Netatmo and on the application Netatmo Weather Station.

The Weather Station can be purchased on Amazon offered at a price of 119€.

Welcome is an advanced security camera compatible with iPhone and produced by Netatmo.

The algorithm of high learning Welcome allows the camera to recognize with the utmost precision the faces that you see. Welcome sends the names of the persons identified on the smartphone of the user in such a way as to know exactly who is on the house, if the family or a stranger. Netatmo also introduces two new features for its camera: the detection of audible alarms and the availability of storage on the FTP personal.

Welcome is also able to detect audible alarms. The camera sends a notification, and record a video if it detects a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide security, or a mermaid. Welcome transforms any traditional alarm in smart, helping you better protect your own home.

In addition to the SD memory card local video Welcome can now be stored on a personal server of the user via FTP. The camera automatically transfers the video as soon as they are registered. Both solutions-at no additional cost or subscription.

Welcome is available on Amazon at a price of 136€, now on offer.

Healthy Home Coach keeps track of the major elements of environmental interiors,highlighting potential problems, and informing the user on how to solve them. The device then provides tailored advice for the well-being of every member of the family, especially in the presence of infants or people who suffer from asthma.

Healthy Home Coach measure the four variables of the environment that are invisible and not easily perceived. For example, poor air quality and noise pollution can disrupt sleep. Maintaining appropriate levels of humidity and ventilation can play a key role in the management of asthma, allergies or respiratory problems. A room that is suitable for adults, it may be too hot for the children.

This device monitors the quality of the air, the humidity, the temperature, the noise. The device collects personalized data of the user's environment and alerts directly on the iPhone if one of these factors exceeds the threshold recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Thanks to compatibility with Apple's HomeKit, the user can ask Siri how healthy your own home and can customize the scenarios to connect the Healthy Home Coach with other smart devices in different combinations. For example, open the windows when the level of indoor air pollution is too high, or turn off the heating when the temperature is too hot.

Healthy Home Coach is available in the offer at the price of 74€ on Amazon.

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