Black Clover: the new opening and ending of the anime in the video


Published on Jul 12, 2018


With this week's episode of Black Clover, the number 40, the animated series inspired by the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata on Weekly Shonen Jump has launched a new opening and a new ending.

The opening song takes the title of the Guess Who is Back and is performed Kumi Kouda; the ending, however, is entitled Four, and performed by the group Faky.

This is the fourth opening and fourth ending how the series began.

Here, in the video, the opening song and the final song of the Black Clover.

Black Clover OP4ブラッククローバー

— moetron | pKjd (@pkjd818) July 10, 2018

Black Clover ED4ブラッククローバー

— moetron | pKjd (@pkjd818) July 10, 2018

The new initials mark the beginning of the new story arc of the temple submerged in the ocean. In this phase, the Black Bulls have to travel to a temple mysterious that is at the center of an ocean in order to capture a magical stone. The arch is composed of important battles, magic and new powers not revealed yet.

The first season will be composed of a total of 51 episodes, and, currently, in Japan have been transmitted 40.

The first season of the animated debuted in October 2017 and in Japan, it aired every Tuesday on TV Tokyo. In the rest of the world can watch it legally at the same time and with the subtitles (even in Italian) on Crunchyroll. The series, currently, has reached the 38 episodes and the first season will be composed of a total of 51.

The ASPIRATIONS, the RIVALRIES, the CHALLENGES TO the SOUND OF SPELLS, Born with no magical skills, mocked by all, the young protagonist of this engrossing fantasy does not intend to yield to destiny, and grow a dream... In a world where magic is everything, he wants to become the most powerful of wizards!

Black Clover is a manga of the shonen genre fantasy, action and comedy, written and drawn by Yuki Tabata. The manga began serialization on Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) from February 16, 2015 and at the time were made of 164 chapters. The first 150 are collected into 16 volumes.

In Italy, the manga is published by Planet Manga, and at the time the publication is now in volume 11.

The animated series it begins from the 3 October 2017 with a production of Studio Pierrot (Naruto). For the first season are planned 51 episodes.

Black Clover: the new opening and ending of the anime in the video is




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