Black Clover: the anime will not stop after the 102nd episode


Published on Sep 06, 2019


In our article of February 14, 2019, we reported that the animated series of Black Clover, inspired by the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata on "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha), he would have counted with certainty at least 102 episodes as reported by the edition Home Video in DVD and Blu-Ray of the series.

Episode 102 will be transmitted on the 24th of September and it seems that the series will continue over and keep you company to all the fans who are loving the adventure fantasy.

To confirm the hypothesis we think the magazines specialized in people who have recently published in advances for the month of September and beginning of October 2019. Spread online by Twitter user @YonkouProd the anime series will not stop at the 102° episode, but will continue with the 103°, which will be aired on the 1st of October and the 104° that will be aired on October 8th.

Black Clover continues into Fall with episodes 103+

— YonkouProductions 🔜 Madfest (@YonkouProd) September 6, 2019

The animated series is by Studio Pierrot (Naruto) and at the time have been transmitted to the first 99 episodes.

The ASPIRATIONS, the RIVALRIES, the CHALLENGES TO the SOUND OF SPELLS, Born with no magical skills, mocked by all, the young protagonist of this engrossing fantasy does not intend to yield to destiny, and grow a dream... In a world where magic is everything, he wants to become the most powerful of wizards!

Black Clover is a manga of the shonen genre fantasy, action and comedy, written and drawn by Yuki Tabata. The manga began serialization on Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) from February 16, 2015 and at the time were made of 218 chapters. The first 205 are collected in 21 volumes.

In Italy, the manga is published by Planet Manga, and at the time the publication is now in volume 18.

The animated series it begins from the 3 October 2017 with a production of Studio Pierrot (Naruto).

Black Clover: the anime will not stop after the 102nd episode of




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