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Published on Sep 25, 2018


Black Clover (ブラッククローバー Burakku Kurōbā) is born from the mind of Yūki Tabata in 2015. Since this is a manga so recently published, it is clear that it has not yet reached the levels of success and notoriety of his other works, but the world is based on magic, it represented has already been made into an anime, aired in Japan from October 3, 2017, and an OVA.

Bandai Namco and Ilinx, however, have chosen to base for the first time a video game on the series Black Clover, giving life to this Black Clover Quartet Knights, a third-person shooter heavily focused more on the Story Mode, about the clashes between the opposing teams in the mode for online multiplayer.

The Story Mode of Black Clover Quartet Knights is based on the same premise of the manga: in a world where possessing magic powers, is, normality is born of the Auction, a guy completely devoid of any power, but that in spite of this struggle together with his friends to be able to become, one day, the King of the Mages, bringing to mind these characteristics of characters such as Rock Lee, and the same Naruto.

From here starts a story is completely original and created specifically for the video game: Yami, the team Captain of the Black Bull, is mysteriously back to being a teenager, while the witch Karna is leading an attack against the Capital of the Kingdom of Clover.

In Story Mode you'll face a series of missions, of course, based on the battles, since this is a shooter, introduced and concluded by the explanatory animation scenes of exquisite workmanship. Once you have completed each chapter, you can check the statistics and confront him again, maybe changing the difficulty level or choosing to control the other characters. In this way, you can carry out the different trials, different for each chapter, and experience the fighting styles of all the characters with which you can play, classes, magic different and, for this, with unique powers and features:

In the mode of the game dedicated to multiplayer online, it will be possible to choose which character from the series play, each of which will belong to one of the following 4 classes:

Once you have chosen your class and the colour scheme of his clothing, it will be possible to participate in different types of fights, which always require the presence of two opposing teams, each consisting of 4 elements:

The gameplay is pretty hectic, both in Story Mode and in multiplayer, you may create at the beginning of the problems, but will prove to be fun and also very varied, thanks also to the possibility of being able to experiment with different combat styles, as time and again the characters with the characteristics and spells are unique.

In addition, you will also get access to the sections Challenge, and Training, that will allow you, respectively, to take part in short missions unique to each character and work out before facing real enemies in battle.

Black Clover Quartet Knights is a third-person shooter based on the magic attacks and the manga series Black Quartet, created by Yūki Tabata. The presence of a Story Mode to complement the main section of the game, which focuses on the different types of battles-mode for multiple players online, divided into two teams of 4 elements each, along with the ability to choose different classes of characters, helps to give variety to the title, certainly enjoyable, even if it does not scream to the miracle.

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