Bitter Sweet-the Ingredients of love arrives on Channel 5: what's going to happen in the first week? Advances


Published on Jun 08, 2019


All ready for the debut of our new soap of the summer of Channel 5? There we are, now missing a few hours. Monday 10 June 2019, will broadcast the first episode of Bitter Sweet-the Ingredients of love. After the success of the Cherry Season, Mediaset fishing is still in Turkey for the summer of Channel 5, and port in the tv series "Bitter Sweet with the subtitle" Italian “Ingredients of love” playing on the fact that, the female protagonist of the soap has a great passion for cooking and dreams of becoming a chef. What will happen then in the first week of the airing of the soap in Turkish? Let's find out by telling you the plot of the episodes on the air from 10 to 14 June 2019. I remember that Bitter Sweet will be broadcast to 14.45 and ends around at 15.30, and then give the line to The secret.

She is a young and ambitious cook, who is still studying to be able to realize his big dream: to open a japanese restaurant. The girl, however, is experiencing a period of economic crisis and unable to cope with daily living expenses, so find a job at a young, wealthy manager maniac of the order, first as a cook staff and then as a domestic worker. This is where he Bulut, a child is lively and cheerful, the niece of his employer.

Nazli and Ferit to finally meet you and clarify the positions. One evening Bulut is left with his uncle Ferit and She remains with them, at the request of the child, to cook and to share a little bit of free time. It seems to spin smoothly, with the sisters of Nazli suggest stories of love between you and Ferit, when Asuman conceals something from the chamber of Ferit.

An important social event you are going to play in Istanbul, it is a festival to celebrate the thriving relations between Japan and Turkey. She was urged by her teacher to participate in order to practice and converse in japanese but does not know that the same party is also invited Ferit, business partner of mr. Nakatami, the organizer of the event.

Deniz communicates by phone to Ferit of he fell in love with a girl which will be released in the evening. In the meantime, She tells Asuman and Fatos of being evil with his new employment because of the bad character of his employer and that day is coming out with Deniz. At their meeting, the two go into a care home for the animals and Deniz is pleasantly impressed by the sensitivity and the behaviour of Nazli, which will pass the whole evening...

These are just some of the things that will happen in the first few episodes of the soap in Turkish which, as I recall, we expect to 14.45 Monday afternoon.

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