Bitter Sweet-the Ingredients of love advances: what will happen after the break of August?


Published on Aug 09, 2019


Monday afternoon sintonizzandovi on Channel 5, you will realize that your favourite soap was not aired. Everything is normal! Mediaset, in fact, has studied a short break for " Bitter Sweet-the Ingredients of love back in wave after mid-August. Even the soap in Turkish so you take a few days of well deserved rest and come back after the break of August. And we in our anticipations of today, we will tell you what is going to happen in the last episodes of the month of August 2019.

There only remains to discover what are the latest news...

As you may have seen in the last episodes of Bitter Sweet in a wave before the break, Ferit and Nazli have become husband and wife. The young entrepreneur has arranged this marriage to try to have the custody of the small Bulut. And in the end managed to get it and he and She, as we will see in the coming episodes of the soap, will form a beautiful family. But this news of course will change many things since Hakan and Demet will lose their shares in the company not being the parents of the child...

Ferit will continue on its part to investigate the death of the parents of Bulut...

In this regard, Demet (Alara Bozbey) will find out that it was Hakan to arrange the car crash in which died the brother Demir and sister-in-law Zeynep, the man will do everything to prevent the consort of the reports to the police and will put in motion a diabolical plan. Demet will be forced to live segregated in the house while the henchmen of her husband, the spy and the look in the course of the day.

As we said earlier, ferit will continue to investigate and will also take a person to try to understand how it is involved with Hakan in this story...Thanks to Bekir (Emre Kentmenoglu), Hakan will understand that Tahir, a guy hired by his trustworthy mechanic, is in reality a spy of Ferit Aslan (Can Yaman) and, of course, will want to permanently get rid of him. For Hakan so there will be two more trouble to get rid of...

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