Bitter Sweet goes on vacation the week of August: that's when he gets back and what we'll see


Published on Aug 07, 2019


Changes once the programming of Mediaset for these hot summer afternoons. Up to this point in the month of August has seen the start of the summer break for two beloved soap Channel 5, we talk about the Beautiful and de The secret. Is the soap the Spanish that the american will return in the wave to the end of the month, precisely on the 26th of August. A life, must be regularly on the air for the entire month of August without ever going into the break. From the 12th of August change things for Bitter Sweet that it will not be passed, for the whole week of August.

As therefore changes the programming starting next week? Discover the latest news and reveal to us just the programming of the next few days. Here's what we see and what we won't see on Channel 5.

-To 13,40, as always, will air on the bet of A lifetime. The soap Spanish go on holiday, and the inhabitants of calle Acacias 38 will keep us company throughout the month. A life will be aired up to about 15.

-After A lifetime will air a classic film of the summer, we'll see different tv movie cycle Inga Lindstrom that the audience of Channel 5 knows it very well. The film airs from 15 to 17 approximately.

You will then understand that " Bitter Sweet not to be broadcast during the week of August but, according to the latest news from the programming of Channel 5, should return with the latest episodes, the August 19, 2019.

We continue then with the change of the programming:

-To follow, throughout the week of August 17 airs a second film of the summer afternoons on Channel 5.

-To 18,50 around as always instead takes the via the summer edition of the Free Fall, in this season's challenge Chain Reaction even in the month of August.

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