Birds of Prey: there will also be the Joker in Jared Leto?


Published on Mar 31, 2019


With the shooting of the film which are taking place, have been leaked new images from the set of the Birds of Prey: a great protagonist once again Harley Quinn, but not only because, as we can see, in the photos it seems glimpsed the silhouette of the Joker.

The Emancipation of One #HarleyQuinn: #bts pictures show #TheJoker cameo #BirdsOfPrey

— DC Universe on Film (@DCComicsOnFilm) March 30, 2019

The scene seems to show the moment in which Harley is “emancipated” (and it could not be otherwise, having regard to the subtitle of the movie) and is separated from the Joker, who might therefore have a role (albeit small) in the film. To understand who will play the role of the Clown of Crime, even if it is only for a simple cameo: Jared Leto is currently busy with the shooting of Morbius, but, recently, he posted on his profile on Instagram (in the stories) the smile of a clown, referring (maybe) to just these images have recently leaked from the set. Possible, therefore, that Warner Bros. has managed to “steal” for some shooting to the Lawsuit to Sony or, perhaps, in the film, will appear simply a figure of the Joker, a bit’ as happened for the cameo of Superman in a Shazam!. The less likely the hypothesis of a new actor.

This is the first teaser with the other main characters:

The now “emancipated” girlfriend of the Joker will be the big star of the film, therefore, as you can imagine from the title of the film. “I think that the full title of the film says it all, also adds a bit of irony to the question” has explained previously, the scriptwriter of the movie, Christina Hodson, Variety, in reference to the full title is Birds of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn:

“I can't say anything...but I think the title speak for itself. Empowerment means so many different things and can affect people of any gender, we will explore its meaning in different ways. Not having a social, I didn't notice the audience reaction to the title, I just felt that many love and others think we are completely crazy. From my point of view, we must simply wait to see the film before making any comment. Everything will begin to make sense when the hype of the movie will be started and, therefore, we get closer to the release date (February 7, 2020)”.

These words echo those that have been previously released to the Los Angeles Times, where Hodson has shown his love for Harley Quinn, both Barbara Gordon.

“I'm in love with Harley, makes me laugh, but also makes me cry... he Has such an emotional depth that is completely countered by this light weight, external, superficial, and fun. This makes it so interesting and so real, because people are really this way. Very few people are totally heroic or totally evil, she has this wonderful balance”.

“Batgirl has all the features that I love Batman. I have always been more interested in the human things and supernatural monsters. People are able to try a good deep, but also to try and a profound evil. The things that can make people tight are amazing, terrifying and wonderful at the same time, and this draws in us primary sensations, good and bad , and this to me is really fascinating.”

Directed by Cathy Yan on a screenplay by Christina Hodson, Birds of Prey starring Margot Robbie, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rosie Perez and Ewan McGregor. The release is scheduled for the 7th of February 2020.

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