Bird Box movies with Sandra Bullock's most-watched on Netflix: the plot and review


Published on Jan 06, 2019


These days, you have surely heard about the movie Bird Box and if you have not seen it, you've read of some of the fashion that is spreading, to try and live as did the protagonists of the film. Bird Box, a product the original Netflix, tells the story of a group of people who find themselves living a kind of Revelation. The only ones to survive are the only people that have not had visual contact with the “creatures” are not identified, that make you crazy, bringing to suicide. In this particular vision of the end of the world, three of the protagonists of the survivors after 5 years of being hermits, they should try to escape using all of the senses except sight. Will have to do it all blindfolded. And this is the new fashion among young people: try to imitate the small, and Sandra Bullock. Obviously, it's a fashion, stupid which can cause serious injury or death. But back to the movie. As we said previously, this is a film record with thousands of views in just a few days. Bird Bix is an attempt by Netflix to try to do more, to innovate, to give the public content different from the usual. Netflix has achieved this feat? It's hard to say.

In fact, if the premises are all there, with the incipit of the film that throws us into a world that fascinates us, the finale and the plot of the movie in general do not give many cues, even if the story has the merit to keep all of incolati in front of the tv until the end. Pity that the two-hour movie could also give another kind of emotions, what the plot too predictable, did not.

The film begins by presenting us with a scene difficult and confusing to decipher. A woman is fleeing with the two children who call Child, boy and Girl, without a name. Wearing of bandages. The woman explains that they never have to togliersele and that if they do you punish them, if not before, will be dead. The children are terrified. Will have to flee along the river. In addition to the supplies, blankets, and a few other items, the woman also brings a box with the inside of the birds. What is known as the trip begins...

We do not know what is happening in the present but do it immediately a step into the past. Five years before the same woman is pregnant. Does not seem to be very happy about the pregnancy since her mate has left her and she is left alone. But the day has one of the last visits before the birth, along with his sister, something happens that nobody can explain. It seems that Russia is coming, a strange phenomenon that nobody can explain: suicides mass. On the same day of the visit in the hospital, in the structure begin to suicide. Malorie finds herself in a car with her sister, trying to escape but during the escape the woman is suicidal. Malorie is alone and finds herself in a house with strangers. There is only one way to not be involved in what is happening: do not watch. The windows of the house are barred, you start to study a way to survive. But things are complicated. Malorie makes friends with Tom, the house arrives a few days after a pregnant woman very scared. Malorie and Olimpia in carrying out their pregnancies in spite of the difficult situation. But live, while outside it has triggered the Apocalypse is not an easy thing. At the end, unfortunately, of the group of survivors only Malorie, you save, together with his son, who is born on the same day of the girl Olimpia, which, however, is suicide. Between a flash back and the other we discover that Malorie and the children live in the same house 5 years, with them there is also Tom who however died the very day in which the woman tries to escape with the two children. One night, in fact, on the radio, Tom and Malorie you are put in contact with a person who informed them of a point at which many of the survivors, reached after two days of travel in the river. Unfortunately, Tom is dead, killed during an exploration by some crazy. In the story, in fact, mentally ill people are the only ones who are not driven to suicide by the creatures. Malorie then understands that if he wants to try to save his children must take them away from the house that now is not secure. Starts what is defined as a trip. No one will be able to see, you will go forward with the bandages, in an attempt to find this place in which to live.

And in this journey, will be critical to the birds that Malorie door in its box. Are able to perceive the presence of evil, and then to warn the people to be on guard. Hence the title of the film.

I am talking about the plot of the film we do not have to be revealed in the final: Malorie and her two children manage to escape, the refuge is a community of blind people who were not obviously affected by the evil. In the structure live together with sighted people escaped from the apocalypse, and the blind. For Malorie and her children began a new life.

The ending of the film might make us think of different things. It might make us think that sometimes what it seems to us complicated and difficult to others is not. Blind people are used to doing everything that we normally do not see. Without the bandages, but simply because forced by blindness. And’ the revaluation of disability, demonstrating that in other times, in other worlds, that it is normal for us might not be. It is not said, then, that the total knowledge of the things matches to salvation, in this case we save without seeing, without knowing who really are those creatures that will lead to suicide. Perhaps this is the message given by the director that is different from the final novel, where all actors without prejudice, they find themselves in a sanctuary, but with a blindfold. Unfortunately does not reveal other meanings, in the sense that the viewer can imagine what they want: that there will be a different world, that evil will be destined to last forever, that the Government will find a remedy. Everyone has their own thoughts on this final. The real problem of the film is not the final part but what comes before. Little tells the story of how it was to live for 5 years with two children that have never gone out of the house, far more interesting would have been this aspect that the exit to the supermarket hunting for food, nothing new, but something that we had already seen.

In short, a wasted opportunity, one might say, considering that the incipit of the film really promises very well.

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