Big Brother Vip: Walter Nudo speaks of the ‘strange manoeuvres of the authors

Published on Oct 23, 2018

Big Brother Vip, after the vent in the direct of Francesco Monte, Walter Nudo spoke of the manoeuvres of the authors of the reality show. Big Brother Vip, Francesco Monte, it loses the brackets

In the episode live on Monday 22 October, Big Brother Vip, Ilary Blasi has put Giulia Salemi in front of a choice. The influencers had to decide whether to watch a video in which Francis Mount crying or tweets to know what people think of her.

Giulia has chosen the first option, but the video showed, once again, Francis spoke of Cecilia. The former tronista is very angry for this manipulation because, in reality, on that occasion, he had spoken more than an hour of Giulia, but the authors have done to see the 5 minutes in which he talked of Cecilia. According to Francesco Monte, the authors of the Big Brother Vip are distorting the reality.

In the night it seems that also Walter Nudo has expressed on what happened in the episode. As reported by BitchyF, before sleep, late at night, Walter would have said to his companions:

The confessionals are cut as they want it, we know that, no? And then why do we get angry?

According to the conductor, Francis Mount, he was not to get angry for that video, because it is logical to think that the production focuses on the hottest topics. Walter Nudo explained that if they all say that the Big Brother Vip game is ruthless for a reason and this is it. And then:

They are two weeks try to make us quarrel with the games “the most” etc...

No wonder the question, it is already a month that the production of Big Brother Vip is trying to focus on some of the contestants and some of the themes, always the same, in spite of the other, and yet undoubtedly all of the vip in their own way have something to say and the public to discover.

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