Big Brother Vip tonight on Channel 5: three new entries, deletions, and surprises


Published on Oct 22, 2018


We were promised that by this evening the house of Big Brother Vip will never be the same and the rest, as among the new entrances, there will also be those of Alessandro Cecchi Paone, imagine, really, that things will change. In the episode of Big Brother Vip 3 in the air today 22 October 2018 there will be three inputs, the three characters likely to change the dynamics in the house, at least so we hope. We thought that this cast was pretty trash, but were wrong. By this evening things will change? Among the new entries Alessandro Cecchi Paone: you will recall that the journalist in the first edition of the Gf he pointed the finger against this kind of reality, not approving the decision of Mediaset regarding this experiment in anthropological research that, in his opinion, was not served to nothing. Probably in the course of the years has changed his thinking since this evening we will see him in the house of the Gf. Cecchi Paone has already participated in a reality show, the Island of the famous, proving to be a person of a certain weight to the dynamics of the game, we'll see if it will happen the same also in the case of the Gf-Vip, of course, could be a nice fun quizzes to test the competitors, in order to revive the things, and Cecchi Paone, is really the right person hopefully...

But the conductor and the journalist will not be the only one to enter this evening in the house of Big Brother Vip. The spoilers reveal that there will also be two women ready to enter the house: we will see this evening, for the joy of the Marchioness, Mary Monsè and then Ela Weber.

This week the Big Brother Vip doubles: it also aired on the Thursday evening with a new appointment and, judging by the rumors, if it is true that this evening will enter 3 competitors it's also true that the house has too many vip to populate it for this evening and Thursday, there could be deletions of surprise.

Remember that this week's vote, we are Eleonora Giorgi, Elia Fongaro, the marchesa Daniela del Secco d'aragona and Lory Del Santo .

Also this week, it is difficult to make a prediction about what might happen, but we think that exit may be one of Eleonora Giorgi and Elijah. Never say never however.

Appointment tonight with the fifth episode of Big Brother Vip in the wave to 21,20 on Channel 5. Please note that Ilary Blasi and Alfonso Signorini is waiting for us today and then Thursday for the second episode of the weekly Gf.

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