Big Brother Vip, the mother of Giulia Salemi: ‘The production forced me to...

Published on Oct 16, 2018

Big Brother Vip the mother of Giulia Salemi met with Francesco Monte and the reaction of the influencers has been very negative. It emerged, however, a little background. This is what it is. Big Brother Vip: comparison between Fariba Tehrani and Francesco Monte

Ilary Blasi in the fourth episode of Big Brother Vip invited Fariba Tehrani, mother of Giulia Salemi, for a comparison with Francesco Monte to try to assert the positions of the daughter is for the flirting that seems to be born between the two, but also for the quarrel that we have been in the last week.

Through a glass which divided them, Fariba and Francis had then so to speak. The mother of Giulia Salemi expressed its appreciation for the pugliese, except to rebuke him on the character a bit too harsh towards his daughter. The song Francesco told you to do what you feel, in a very clear way, without having to worry about cameras or external judgements.

Giulia Salemi has reacted in a negative way to this comparison:

I love my mother, but I came here to become a woman that faces her things and makes his choices alone. I do not want her to intervene in these things. It was a comparison based on nothing.

The model has sought to understand whether this idea was born from the mother or from the production of Big Brother Vip, but Ilary Blasi has responded with an ironic:

Welcome to the Big Brother Vip

Host Morning after Five the following morning, Fariba Tehrani has confessed:

I would be very happy to meet my daughter, but the Big Brother forced me to this comparison. Intelligent people understand that there are certain mechanisms and understand how things work.

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