Big Brother Vip, the girlfriend of Stefano Sala is wrong: here's what happened

Published on Oct 26, 2018

Stefano Sala is one of the gieffini the most beloved of the house of the Big Brother of this edition. The gieffino yesterday he mentioned that his girlfriend was not well

Dasha, the girlfriend of Stephen Hall, has had problems in the last few days. But the Big Brother vip has kept the silence up to direct a few hours ago.

The thing is coming out in the special episode of Big Brother vip yesterday evening. Stefano Sala has confirmed the love for his girlfriend, who apparently lives in a dangerous situation in the Ukraine, his country of origin. The girl, very famous in the world of fashion, seems to have some health problems.

Ilary Blasi has called the competitor in the mystery room to talk about his relationship with Benedetta Mazza. The two seemed very complicit in the last days, and this could undermine the relationship that Stephen has with his girlfriend Dasha. But Stephen puts the dots on the i: is only a friendship.

Stephen spoke of the problem of Dasha with her roommates. Could not do this before because the Big Brother not intervened. The model has told everyone that his girlfriend is in Ukraine and has had a problem in the Ukraine.

The Gf Vip is not decreased, in particular, but with ‘civil war’ the public has made a bit of a confusone:

“When there are health problems all is according to plan.”

Ivan Cattaneo, worried, he asked Stefano to explain what had happened. The guy told me that the boyfriend had a health problem, but it seems to be solved. Nothing serious, then:

“My partner had a health problem. Resolvable. I can not say anything. But could not get out and go to her, because it was found, by her, in the Ukraine. There is a civil war and couldn't go. I medicine there I do not trust. His parents can't move from there, I can't go. However, I have spoken with her.”

Stefano at the moment it seems quiet there is a whole family that is responsible for solving out the house. The same Dasha said:

‘Don't you dare even to come out’”

The public, however, remains suspicious about the real motive of the phone call of the girl.

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