Big Brother Vip: the competitors are committing a serious error, here's what happened

Published on Oct 09, 2018

The Big Brother Vip aired yesterday with an episode full of twists. Here's what happened during the evening

Big Brother Vip is always followed. The third episode has been full of novelty, but the competitors have made, almost unanimously, the same error.

Competitors know very well all the rules of the regulation that sign. Pity that, thanks to the night time, some of them have let slip a clause in the contract, spiattellandola to the viewers. Of course, the Big Brother has done, just in time to change the frame and prevent the whole of Italy knew.

This is an episode that was two days ago: thinking of not being heard, the competitors revealed a demand made to them by production prior to start the reality. The editorial staff has asked them to do a couple of names of people who would like to receive in the house as a surprise.

The clauses, of course, is valid for all the competitors, without any distinction. With the help of the night time, the gieffini they forgot to have a bet on him for the cameras. Certainly, the competitors will be already been reprimanded by the staff.

They were not to let on this thing. The audio is, unfortunately, the house they heard it and already begins to murmur, the any on the web. The surprises of the gieffini would then be false surprises?

The competitors, as if they were unaware of being shot, have revealed the names of the characters that they would like to see in the house. The absurd thing is that no one has asked for a family, but they all went to shoot big names. Francesco Monte has asked Cristiano Ronaldo and Adriana Lima. Giulia Salemi, however, would like the Dark Polo Gang.

But who has surprised has been, without doubt, the Marchesa Daniela Del Lot D'aragona. The noble has expressed of wanting in the house, Cecilia Rodriguez. Remember that Monte is her ex-boyfriend. The Marquise claims to be a very good friend of the sister of Belen, and that, far from the spotlight, attending with regularity.

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