Big Brother Vip news: Dasha is the girlfriend of Stefano Sala is really pregnant? Dandolo drop the bomb


Published on Nov 22, 2018


Those who follow Alberto Dandolo on social knows that yesterday, the the know king of the gossip launched by the social a preview today that Today's readers will find in the newspaper. Dandolo explained that he listened to a phone call in private to the love story between Stephen Hall and Dasha. It seems that the competitor of the Big Brother Vip was put in contact with his partner for a very important reason: the girl would be pregnant. But is it true? We can tell you that Dasha, even before reading the news, he commented on the post about social Dandolo, saying that anything told on his account, was only an invention. Dasha takes the distances before you even know this scop but it seems that It is confident of its sources. Let's imagine that all of this will be discussed in the episode of Big Brother Vip in the air today though, there are many people to argue that, in this story, all of it, is a great invention. But let's go for degrees beginning with the bomb dropped by Dandolo.

Here's what we read about Today with the scoop of Dandolo:

“Stefano's Room again, dad? Stefano Sala, is having great success within the GF Vip, where is also experiencing a controversial flirtation with colleague Benedetta Mazza. The milanese model, however, contains a secret. A few weeks ago the production of the reality show of Channel 5, has been in telephone contact with his girlfriend, the showgirl ukraine Dasha Dereviankina. The reason for this? According to the well-informed, she would have discovered to be pregnant by Stephen. As you may have reacted in the Room at this news? And why has not decided to leave the game to get close to her? Ah, you know...”

According to many fans of Gf, this story would have been invented but not from Childbirth but from the partner of the Room, noticing the bond that was establishing in the house between him and the Blessed, to bring her boyfriend on the right path, you would have invented this “lie”. But is it possible that you can play with topics so serious?



Dasha commented on my previous post that covers it (here's the comment) . Two questions beautiful girl: 1) I have perhaps ever written somewhere that I have to be interviewed? Read TODAY and then argues! 2) Because you assume that the news (which define a lie dirty and careless) that I will give on you will be FALSE if you have not yet had the opportunity to read it since the newspaper comes out tomorrow? The latins used to say : “Excusatio not petita, accusatio manifesta”. You put even the hands ahead about what you don't know. Why? Ah, .NOT [email protected] #today #ahsaperlo @dagocafonal

A post shared by Alberto Dandolo (@alberto_dandolo) date: Nov 21, 2018 at 11:22 PST

This is the comment of Dasha yesterday on social, before we released the official news.

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