Big Brother Vip: movements ‘details’ under the covers, who consumed?

Published on Oct 04, 2018

The big Brother vip Monday evening will return to live with a new installment for you to discover. The fans, in fact, wondering who this week will be forced to leave the house, abandoning the reality. Apparently, however, in addition to the furious quarrel between Merola and comedian, will also be discussed, a new flirt, born a few days ago between Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi. We will discover together the details.

During the live stream yesterday, the viewers have noticed the strange movements that occurred under the blankets between Stefano and Francesco. In fact, many had hoped that it was the Salemi but the beautiful apulian seems to be comforted with the Room. According to some it would seem took even a kiss.

Monte and Giulia since their first entry showed a lot of feeling, so much so that most times the young man was taken to speak of him with the other competitors. Last Monday, the model has revealed himself to be attracted physically from the puglia since the days of his throne Men and women.

The next episode that airs on Monday evening on channel 5 will surely be full of twists and turns. After the entry unexpected Lory del Santo, and the elimination of Lisa Fusco's fans this week will witness the new nominations.

In addition, we discuss the ‘case’ Merola where yesterday afternoon he literally snapped against his colleague because of some household chores. According to his opinion, Maurizio does not carry out the tasks set in the inside of the house, not caring about repeatedly. The

n last, Ilary, almost certainly, ask you to Francesco and Giulia, as the progress of their knowledge, and whether there are possibilities for the beginning of a love story. The former of Teresanna in the group stage the past has had a decline in emotional showing interest again towards Cecilia. At the moment it is all you have to do is wait for new updates.

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