Big Brother Vip: Marco Ferri intervenes in defense of Francesco Monte

Published on Oct 23, 2018

In the Morning, Five Marco Ferri intervenes to defend Francesco Monte, for him, the friend still has a lot to say. GF Vip clash between Francesco Monte and Alfonso Signorini

During the episode live on Monday 22 October on Channel 5, Big Brother Vip, Ilary Blasi has put Giulia Salemi in front of a choice: a video of Francesco Monte in tears or tweet about her. The girl chose the video convinced that the puglia was crying for her. In reality Francis was speaking once again on his ex Cecilia Rodriguez.

Francesco Monte is angry much of this “trick” and accused the transmission to distort the reality because he had spoken too much of julia in that confessional, but this has not been done see. Alfonso Signorini warned the former tronista, who according to him is proving to be a little too snooty and attentive to the opinion of the public.

As is customary, the morning after the Morning after Five, Federica Panicucci has launched a debate on the matter. In a study among opinion leaders present there have been those who have accused Francesco Monte to be in reality only because the former Cecilia Rodríguez and ride the wave of what happened a year ago.

Marco Ferri, his great friend, intervened immediately in his defense. According to the former castaway is the Big Brother Vip that focuses too much on the matter to Cecilia, but it is not true that Francis speaks only of her. Indeed, the moments in which he speaks of are very few:

it is frustrating for him, this thing, always seeing the same video. He has so much to give to this program, and also so much to say.

Also Costantino Vitagliano has worked hard in his favor:

for me this guy is not only the former Cecilia, is showing his character and it seems to me that to have a nice slice of the public that appreciate it.

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