Big Brother Vip, Luca Onestini says yes

Published on Sep 01, 2017

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The first registration of Men and Women in addition to hosting the four new tronisti, and the comparison between Wild Rome and Francesco Chiofalo, who, however, have decided to remain separate without calling together the pair of Temptation Island 2017, has also seen him return to the studio, Luca Onestini together with his partner, Soleil Sorgé.

The pair of Men and Women, that is still beloved by the public, he explained how are you these past months, away from the transmission and that have served to strengthen the relationship even in the face of those that bet in a farewell. Gianni Sperti, who has followed all the stages of their journey, is convinced that the public is very divided, because the majority was cheering for Giulia Latini. Instead of the former tronista has admitted to being happy for his choice and have no regrets because their history works getting better and better each day that passes and understanding grows.

But Luke took advantage of the occasion to confirm what seemed to be clear already from the few days: September 11, will also enter him in the House of Big Brother Vip, and will be one of the contestants in the reality show on Channel 5 presented by Ilary Blasi. An opportunity that awaits with anxiety and Soleil said to be very happy with the boyfriend. They both anticipated that will not suffer from the distance and not think that this can put them also in crisis because anyway you will see all the weeks. But it will be so until the end, or seen that Onestini said he wanted to do this experience to discover if the same will eventually change in some way the idea?

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