Big Brother Vip: Jane Alexander cries to the letter of his son Damian – VIDEO


Published on Nov 13, 2018


After a double elimination shock, in the course of the episode of November 12, 2018-Big Brother Vip 3, there was also room for the feelings. And we are not referring to yet another scene between Giulia Salemi and Francesco Monte, but Jane Alexander: the woman suffers the distance from his son Damian, and the authors of the program have been delivered to a message.

In great secrecy, Ilary Blasi asked Jane Alexander, if it were possible to speak with her in private. The famous actress of Elisa Di Rivombrosa has been asked to reach the Cave. Reached the location designated, Jane Alexander has found a gift pack and a screen ready to send a video message.

“My son Damian can't talk about it, I find it very difficult to talk about him because of not seeing him for so long, I do not know neither where he is nor how he is, and this thing gives me a lot of anxiety,” explains Jane Alexander to Ilary Blasi – “I miss him to death. I miss because I and Damiano I share everything. We are in total symbiosis, even if now a little less because 15 years... perhaps this is a little you are moving away, how right that is. I miss so much. I would like to speak to us. I would like to know something of him and know what he thinks of me.”

In the course of the week, the actress has written a letter to his son, and in the gift pack in front of her there is a letter written by his son. The Alexander does not contain and is moved to tears. Ilary Blasi asks the contestant if he wants to say something to his son, who was almost certainly in front of the tv screen; the woman responds with a loving message in English... that is confusing Ilary Blasi: “oh no, but I'm not there I don't understand anything!” he exclaimed, with irony.

"I have learned to understand your decisions and will support you always..." #GFVIP

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In the video at the top here, instead, we can read a few excerpts of the letter that the son Damiano he wrote to his mother Jane Alexander: a message read from the voice of the boy. Jane Alexander is not able to contain the tears as soon as she heard the first words of the letter spoken by his son.

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