Big Brother Vip: freeze of horrors, an intruder in the house

Published on Oct 11, 2018

Big Brother Vip someone entered the home and was scared to death the competitors. This is what it is. Big Brother Vip: Freeze of horrors for the competitors

While the competitors of the third edition of Big Brother Vip were preparing the lunch of Thursday, October 11, is success something totally unexpected. The production announced the freeze, and suddenly the red door of the confessional came a clown of horrors.

The stranger began to wander around the house scaring the vip that had to stay perfectly still. The episode did not last long and after the stop freeze the competitors are relaxed. Too bad it was over there. Shortly after the story was repeated and the clown is back. Is the past of the competitor in the competitor scraping a fork on a plate and dipping the hair and the face of the vip with his saliva.

The experience of the creepy clown has shaken some of the vips who are not able to remain motionless as imposed by the freeze. For this reason, it is arrived the calling official Big Brother Vip. Some of them have been called into the confessional and in charge to read in front of everyone and in a press release. According to the latter the test of the freeze was not respected and the production reserves the right to take action if the thing will repeat itself in the future.

The reality is an chance of the game but the competitors have signed a contract and they know that they can find in the punishments of this type. In the past few years every time someone didn't respect the freeze imposed by the Big Brother Vip were scaled of the money from the prize pool.

The competitors will be able to overcome the next freeze imposed by the Big Brother Vip?

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