Big Brother Vip, Francesco Monte lite furious with Alfonso Signorini: ‘Arrogant, voloa low!’

Published on Oct 23, 2018

Big brother vip yesterday there was a lite furious, live, Francesco Monte and Alfonso Signorini: here's what happened

The former castaway Francesco Monte has been shown to have a beautiful caratterino Big Brother vip. You never go to the moscow for the nose at the former gieffino. Did not hesitate to lash out even against Alfonso Signorini and Ilary Blasi. Here's what happened.

The gieffino Francesco Monte and columnist, Alfonso Signorini yesterday in the Big Brother vip quarrelled after a confessional in which Francis was crying for Cecilia and showed the Giulia Salemi. The columnist pointed out that the former castaway continues to speak always and only of Cecilia:

“This guy goes into the confessional and talk about Cecilia. You want to get to a point? Four weeks that you are at the beginning.”

The Salemi diplomatically commented:

“You cannot compare five years with four weeks

Francis, however, is angry and he criticized the choice of the authors:

“A confessional of an hour and a half they send in wave a thing of 5 minutes of a thing of which we have already spoken. I'm sorry that Alfonso speaks in this way. I described a thing that is no longer there. Yet I used of the verbs, I have used the past.”

The knife in the wound for the Mount were precisely the words of Alfonso, who has nicely called Francis ‘this’:

The direction the people want out. I live in a natural way. And then I have a name, I call this“. I am telling you all my whole, open heart. If you want to arrive at a point, put two actors here and brings you to the point that you want to”

Signorini, however, has now replied to the allegations of Francis:

“I see what people see from the house. I can not know if it is a installation from 25 minutes to three seconds. I thought I cute little that I speak always of Cecilia and never Giulia. You're too focused on this experience and think about what people from home would think of you. Live it up and have fun. You're not a council of war, you're not deciding the fate of humanity”.

The tones, however, immediately begin to deteriorate and Francis justifies the tears of Cecilia in this way:

“I was crying for julia, for of the things that you said and that I was not expecting. Just distort reality. If I preoccupassi thought the outside would not have talked about Cecilia, and I would not have approached Giulia, seen that I have criticized IN the previous EXPERIENCE. For me, it is distorting the reality of the cut to what I say and send him in the air”.

These words, however, Signorini, he immediately replied saying:

“If you don't want the reality to be distorted, do not cry for Cecilia, speaks only of the Giulia. Let me moderate a bit these shades arrogant. Fly low“.

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