Big Brother Vip: Francesco Monte has made you fall in love with another girl in the house? Signorini reveals who is


Published on Oct 24, 2018


Francesco Monte is actually one of the absolute protagonists of this third edition of Big Brother Vip. But to be even more so are her romances in the past and the future. In the course of the last direct of the Monday of the reality show Mediaset, we had yet another demonstration that for the beautiful apulian separation from Cecilia Rodriguez is a nerve: there is evil and does not want the thing to be further rinfacciata.

At the same time, however, the house seems to grow affinity with the “power” Giulia Salemi: the Persian reality dependent. But Francesco Monte seems to have made inroads in the heart of another competitor the woman's Big Brother Vip... and to his own knowledge. Of this there has been much talk in the web program of Signorini, the house Signorini in fact, with the latest rumors on what should be a sensational gossip.

According to the rumors publish on the social, the director of the weekly magazine Chi, as well as a columnist of the program, Alfonso Signorini would have discovered that even meteorina Martina Hamdy would be crazy in love Francesco Monte; but unlike the volcanic Giulia Salemi, the girl holds the secret of this feeling. Why keep so much secrecy? Why Martina Hamdy outside the house of Big Brother Vip is already betrothed. ( here is the video of the plane passed over the house to the beautiful Martina)

In any case, despite the many kisses that they exchange, at the time Francis Mount seems to be very determined to keep up with Giulia Salemi a relationship level limited only friendship and nothing else. The Persian, however, did not hide the fact of being cooked in the tatuatissimo guy Taranto.

In a recent outburst he had with the velino, Elia Fongaro, in fact, Francis Mount, he declared: “I, on the floor with Giulia (Salemi, ed.) because it is a moment that we confuse the things. You can see that we like but for me it's just a friendship. [...] We live our knowledge and we will then see where it leads us. We still kissed, our relationship is the fact that wellness, but when I hear that there is that desire to kiss her I will. But at the moment there is. And I'm not holding back: I'm looking at things in a natural way... The kiss is something that should be spontaneous“. But the adventure inside the house of Big Brother Vip is still nothing... and who knows that things do not change suddenly.

Can it be true? We just have to follow the episode of Big Brother Vip tomorrow night: Signorini has promised sparks.

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