Big Brother vip, Fabio Basile and the embarrassing gaffe: ‘Sigmund Freud is a...

Published on Oct 09, 2018

Fabio Basile has left everyone speechless with his last intervention in the house, a gaffe that has embarrassed all those who have heard

Fabio Basile is an Italian sport star but is not very prepared from a cultural point of view. He has many good qualities, but just no.

Fabio Basile has made a blunder that could not go unnoticed. The beautiful gieffino last night he said something that did not go unnoticed in the web. The demon of Giulia De Lellis has possessed him?

In the course of a discussion in the house has someone named Sigmund Freud, and, in response, he has confessed to not knowing who he was. But it's hazardous trying to make a response.

Fabio Basile has in fact hazardous the great Freud was a kicker:

"Sigmund Freud, but the kicker? it is not the football player? Ok, then I do not know. But you study at school? But are you sure? But I never heard of ‘I'm the guy. I'm in school, I never studied".

You can see him to the school he has not visited as it should. To break the embarrassment of the sentence of the judoka, Silvia the Steps gave him a piece of advice:

"When you don't know a thing, you pretend to know and not say anything else".

In fact it is a council that might seem useful, but not very productive. Basile should in fact learn, understand, don't dare and admit they do not know. It is not a shame! The real shame is to believe you know everything. In short, it is not the first and will not be the last gaffe in the house.

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