Big Brother Vip advances 15 October: Patrizia de Blanck, and the comparison with the marchioness. Cristiano Malgioglio enters the house


Published on Oct 15, 2018


What will happen in the fourth episode of Big Brother Vip 3 aired today, October 15, 2018 on Channel 5? Let's find out with the spoilers that reveal everything that will happen in the program of Channel 5. In these last days there has been much talk also of listen low of the reality, and it is hypothesized that the Gf can go on the air twice a week for an early closure. The chosen day, according to the news, it should be the Thursday evening but at the moment, on Channel 5, continues to go on the air the first movie planned for the evening. Difficult to think that the Gf go aired against the last episode of the series don't tell my boss 2 which records you listen to are very high.

But back to the Gf Vip: what will happen this evening? In today's episode we could talk about a very interesting case: Silvia See is pregnant? The girl has talked with her friends in the house, has a delay, while on the tv his mother has commented on this story the Morning after 5.

Among the big surprises of the episode today, even if widely announced, one that will see the protagonist Cristiano Malgioglio who is back in the House. Will once again be a contestant or just a guest? We think that it will just be a short stay, seeing that he is his Big Brother Vip has already done it. The entry of the Christian in the home does, however, reflect on how in this edition of the reality there are a few ideas to get even to recover one of the protagonists of the past edition...

The Marchesa d'aragona is discussed, both outside, both inside the loft of Cinecittà. Finally, you will discover the whole truth about the noble title of the contestant of “Big Brother Vip”. To shed some light, we think the countess Patrizia De Blanck. The countess was a guest on Sunday Live and has already explained part of the version that you know ( read here for details).

In the last few hours, Maurizio Battista has decided suddenly to get out of the House. In the studio, the comic will explain the reasons for his abandonment. We will also find those who will be eliminated between Ivan Cattaneo, Eleonora Giorgi and Enrico Silvestrin. There will also be new nominations. Usually, guests can enjoy a fun-filled items the raids of the Gialappa's Band.

The appointment, and then tonight with Ilary Blasi and Alfonso Signorini: 15 October 2018 aired the fourth episode of Big Brother Vip 2018.

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