Big Brother Vip, a glaring exclusion

Published on Jun 30, 2017

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The alleged lies of Claudio Sona risk of cost dear to the former tronista of Men and Women. In fact, until a few days ago there seemed to be doubt on his participation in the second season of Big Brother Vip, even though the cast is yet to be written. The latest advances tv on the reality that he will return in September in the early evening on Channel 5, say that for him there may not be the place.

The revelation comes from the journalist Alberto Dandolo, who spoke on the weekly ‘Today’. If not there will be new twists in the choices of the production of Big Brother Vip for Claudio Sona there will be a place, even if up to now nobody has explained the possible reasons for his exclusion. But it is easy to imagine that all the controversy created by the statements of her former and more famous, the model Juan Fran Sierra, have not helped the image of the first tronista gay in the history of Men and Women.

In these days the lights on the two boys you are a little depressed, but soon the truth may come out and nail down definitively Claudio, who is suspected of having lied, to the preparation of Men and Women stated to be single while you most likely had still standing the story with Juan. A lot of fans in these last weeks, have downloaded it and this could also affect the ratings of the GF Vip. That's why probably Sona has played a big occasion.

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