Big Brother VIP 4: Fabio Testi does not want to retire but he still asks to go to the televoting


Published on Mar 12, 2020


I'm not retiring but I want to leave the reality show. In the house of Big Brother VIP 4 opens up a new mystery surrounding the figure of Fabio Lyrics: the actor's 78-year-old of Peschiera del Garda that, for the past few weeks seems to be particularly suffering as it was revealed to the competitors of the house of Cinecittà, the existence of the new Coronavirus and its rapid dissemination on the national territory.

To scare off more of the actor, however, is not so much the virus itself, how many the fact that the man has several children scattered around the world. The concern has been going on for some weeks and in this period Fabio Texts continue to ask insistently to leave the program on Channel Five... going so far as to advise his companions to make his name during the nominations. And yet...

Unfortunately for Fabio Texts, the competitor eliminated from the public by house in the episode of 11 march 2020 of Big Brother VIP 4 was the influencer in Asia Valente. One blow to the man who was ready to cross the red door wearing a very elegant tuxedo, rented for the occasion by the same Big Brother at his request.

In view of the impatience visible on the face of Fabio Testi, was the same Alfonso Signorini – in connection from Cologno Monzese to ask the actor if at this point want to retreat from reality. To convince him to desist, he was told that in the last televoting was the most loved by up to 40% of the preferences; and was shown to even a rich collage of movies with the reassurance of the various children.

At the end Fabio Lyrics left to convince: not to withdraw from the house of Big Brother VIP 4. In saying this, however, adds for the umpteenth time and want to finish the televoting then be deleted from the public from home.

To that pro stay a further week in the house of the Great Fratelo VIP 4 if the man says, however, very concerned about what awaits him outside?

The reasons for officers being strange choice are not known. However, many make assumptions about the social about what happened. According to the astute users of Twitter, for example, Fabio Testi is imploring the public to make it out so as to avoid a possible penalty, a fine that would be responsible for if he decided to retire (thus abandoning the program of his own free will). Can it be true?

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