Big Brother VIP 4 back on Wednesday evening: Signorini from Milan, all the latest news


Published on Mar 10, 2020


In these hours, we wondered how it is right that the show continues and we come to a reflection that we want to share with you before the new episode of Big Brother VIP 4 aired Wednesday evening. While it is true that the show must continue, even as it is the only lightness in a schedule increasingly full of news about the emergency that we are living, it is also true that the competitors of GF VIP do not have the slightest perception of what is happening outside. It is true they were informed, probably in the confessional, and is given their way to get in touch with their loved ones. But what we are saying is that you, the show must go on but maybe the competitors should be able to decide freely, without obligation on the part of various criminal, if you stay in the game, or go back to the house, in a very difficult situation and complex, much worse than what happened last Monday, when the reality show was aired.

That said, the show continues and for the GF VIP there will be big changes.

–Alfonso Signorini, resident in Lombardy, remained in the region and leads the programme from the studio of Milan. Precisely should have way to take the place of Chiambretti, using the study of the CR4-The republic of the women who, as you know, will not go longer on the air at least for two weeks.

–The two commentators could be linked with the study but will not be present in the episode. The baby resides in Tuscany, Wanda Nara is now in France, and imagine that his movements, even given the fact that it should pass from France to Italy, are not very simple.

-The competitor came out from the house of Big Brother VIP 4 will not come into the studio, or at least will not be in Milan. Difficult to think that the roman office is only open for this reason. Maybe you could be brought elsewhere, in a smaller study, but certainly this will be defined later.

-In the house of Big Brother VIP there will be no surprises, at least no contact with the outside world. The competitors could see their loved ones in the video, some different surprises.

-In the milan studio of Big Brother VIP could get the competitors resident in Lombardy, but it will still be difficult, given that the movements must be limited and the characters in the world of tv should give the example.

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