Big Brother Vip 3 the winner: Andrea Mainardi is really the favorite?


Published on Dec 10, 2018


There are only a few hours to the final of Big Brother Vip 3. Edition that needs to be said, has not shone. Not only for the ratings, the lowest of the three editions vip, but especially the dynamics created inside the house. A few stories, little desire to get in the game, few real emotions: at least these are the feelings of a person who has followed the series from home. Consider, for example, to the data, listening to the live on Mediaset Extra, data very low compared to those of the previous edition. The reasons for this flop are many, but now came the grand finale and we just want to focus on the possible winner of this third edition of Big Brother Vip.

Let's start from what, in our opinion, could be the winner of Big Brother Vip 3. Above all stands the name of Andrea Mainardi. We don't want certain gufare but the impression is that the chef de La prova del cuoco is one of the competitors, the more popular this edition. She not only cooked, not only has worked with all the guys, and not fighting. He spoke much of his life, how he has built his career, relationship with his parents, the relationship with her daughter. And of course, his great love story with Anna Tripoli.

On the second step of the podium, the square certainly Walter Nude if play, in our humble opinion, with Andrea Mainardi. Him, that in reality intends, continued to have the same attitude when he won, many many years ago, the Island of the famous. Today, then, that is even more mature, has been able to manage any situation without ever losing his head. He gave much of his private in spite of the reticence has been a point of reference for his companions in the house of the Gf Vip.

Bronze medal in this third edition of Big Brother Vip Giulia See. It is put in the game, he tried to regain his inner peace. He has argued, was never a hypocrite, he sometimes exaggerated, but always tried to get across his message, his way of being, that may please or not. Has shown us how it can be a special relationship with a sister. She will be remembered as one of the few people capable of humiliating them, without screaming, Fabrizio Corona, which is not little.

Fourth-ranked Francesco Monte. We can say without problems that if tarantino had not met Giulia Salemi, giving especially at the beginning of this knowledge, the worst of his being, maybe it would have been one of the possible winners of the reality show. So much hypocrisy, so many things to be done especially at the beginning and so many bad attitudes from women, we cannot forgive.

There is no space in this ranking for Benedetta Mazza and Stefano Sala, which to our opinion may not even have a vote or a judgement. Have influenced each other rovinandosi both this experience in the house of Big Brother Vip. Perhaps to them it will not be seemed, but we must also look at the direct 24 h, we can safely say that they were two competitors that are completely useless for the purposes of the game. A shame, especially for Stephen who is a sweet guy and nice but that has been hampered by the unwelcome presence of a woman who would have wanted him to win, but without it until the end.


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