Big Brother Vip 3 the nominees of the eighth episode: two pairs to the televoting


Published on Nov 06, 2018


How it ended the episode of Big Brother Vip 3? The illusion of a reality that starts at a decent schedule and that greets us before the one was only for one night. Yesterday, the Big Brother Vip 3 has begun shamefully to 21,44 and is terminated after the one. Once again a time to use and own consumption. But back to yesterday evening, given that probably few have followed the the final and in a few and then know what happened to the one that relates to the chapter nominations.

Ilary Blasi has explained that this week the nominations would be done in a particular way. Of the rest, it was clear to the authors that if they left it to the boys, the task of the nomination in a matter of a few days would have made out of the characters that are disturbing and can create a few dynamic ( see Cecchi Paone or Ivan Cattaneo). And so yesterday, the three who have never been nominated Fabio Basile, Benedetta Mazza and Giulia Salemi, they had to choose three people who have made a choice. The immunes were Cecchi Paone, Ela Weber and Jane Alexander.

In their turn, the three have chosen who to send in nominations with the three of them never voted. And so they were made the choices: Cecchi Paone has made the name of Martina, to bring out her character; Jane has made the name of Ivan Cattaneo while Ela has made the name of Walter Nude.

But the story of the nomination is not over. The boys in fact, the competitors remained, they had to choose between the pairs and, of course, save himself, were Martina Hamdy and Giulia Salemi.

In nomination, there must be Fabio Basile, Ivan Cattaneo, Walter Nudo and Benedetta Mazza.

You go back to the wave on Thursday with a new episode and the message of Alfonso Signorini, who has invited the competitors to be less transparent than in the course of the week. The sin that has made the name of the characters like Andrea Mainardi, who gives 100% in the house and never said anything for example about Lory Del Santo in the week is practically invisible. Perhaps admit that it is the fault of the person who did this casting would not be bad instead of pointing the finger at competitors. It is also true that the competitors, when they are invited to “come out” they think that you intend to only with arguments or discussions. The message instead is another one: should you tell you, say who you are, talk about your. And instead, we find that the kisses you give of hidden in some corner of the cas, the ao, who knows, maybe always behind the famous curtain of the confessional.

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