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Published on Dec 11, 2018



Also this year the final of Big Brother Vip 3 is opened with a different name from the usual one: instead of the usual jingle, the reality show of Channel Five is open with a video clip interpreted by Ilary Blasi, from the cast of competitors eliminated, and a quick-change artist Alfonso Signorini. The acronym in question is not liked very much to viewers “armed” with the social network but, for all those who want to seize the moment, here's the video and the explanation of how it was this super acronym of the final of Big Brother Vip 3.

In the first scene we find Ilary Blasi in civil dresses”, inforcati sunglasses, try to go beyond the turnstiles to get to Cinecittà. The presenter, however, is blocked: the first from the mechanism of the turnstiles, then by the custodian to the booth that does not recognize the mistress of the house of Big Brother Vip 3. The two argue a bit but in the end she, a little annoyed, she decides to climb over the turnstile to enter the same.

At this point, Ilary Blasi joins a group of dancers – to the rhythm – the advance towards the study of the program. Walking? Running? No, hopping. In the path, the presenter meets the various ex-contestants of the Big Brother Vip 3 and, on several occasions, Alfonso Signorini: the first with a blonde wig, then the dress as an ancient roman and, later, also as a pseudo clone of Harry Potter. And as if by magic to get in the studio...

JUMP INTO... THE FINAL! Welcome to the grand finale of #GFVIP! Ready for an evening full of surprises and emotions? 😜

Publiée par Big Brother sur Lundi 10 décembre 2018

In the studio the whole cast, Ilary Blasi and Alfonso Signorini wild with the last steps of the dance before giving way to the final of Big Brother Vip 3. Among the many receipts, also a presence was a surprise: the former tronista Andrea Damante, it is provided as a deejay to mix the various songs played in the course of this last direct.

The finalists are Walter Naked, Andrea Mainardi, Francesco Monte, Silvia Furnish and Stefano Sala: who will take home the 100 thousand Euro for grabs? We'll find out in less than two hours, between a surprise and a televoting flash, of course, always on Channel Five.

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