Big Brother Vip 3, Paolo Brosio taken for the c*because he saw the Lady: that's who

Published on Nov 02, 2018

Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Ivan Cattaneo tease Brosio

Even if in an indirect way, Paul Brosio has become one of the protagonists of Big Brother Vip 3. The popular journalist who has converted to Madonna, has been mentioned by my colleague, Alessandro Cecchi Paone. The latter, in fact, during a dialogue with the roommate Ivan Cattaneo, has revealed to him when he traveled to Medjugorje with Brosio. With them, his mother had to stay in a wheelchair to witness the apparition of our Lady.

Yesterday evening, Big Brother Vip 3 Cecchi Paone and Ivan Cattaneo have teased Paul Brosio, statements that are not liked to a number of fans of the reality show of Channel 5.

“Paul has seen the Madonna, but the Madonna who has not seen him”

said the singer, laughing, while the ex-conductor de ‘The time machine’ has replicated, so:

“He said that in Medjugorje if it is one without a leg to the Lady it does regrow, I told him that if that was true all the helpless we should be”.

But the strange thing is that when Cecchi Paone has mentioned the topic of drugs, the direction of the program has changed the shot showing the kitchen empty. For what reason?

But the funniest moment of the story is when Paul Brosio told the current contestant of Big Brother Vip 3 to have brought the cake of his birthday in Paradiso during the apparition of our Lady.

“I want to remind everyone of an episode that happened to the visionaries and to the many witnesses present to an appearance in the ’80s, when on the day of the birthday of our Lady, at the time of the conclusion of the apparition, was brought a cake and was given to the Madonna with a flower of marzipan on the cake”.

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