Big Brother Vip 3 news and advances: the cast would have 12-famous names


Published on Aug 30, 2018


It is definitely one of the reality show, the most anticipated of the upcoming new television season will start next Monday, 24 September, the third edition of Big Brother Vip: the program hosted by Ilary Blasi, which will see a group of celebrities closed for a few months in the house most spied in Italy” near Cinecittà. But who will these celebrities who will accept the challenge? On the web goes crazy with a list of names (more or less credible) on the cast of this future third edition...

Let's start from the name that was first given to certain: Francesco Monte. After the part of the performer in the Big Brother Vip 2, the ill-fated landing on the Island of the Famous, casting – is not going to good use – Such As the Show, the young apulian would be able to enter the house of Big Brother Vip 3.

Other names that have already made to discuss the blogosphere are those of Silvia and Giulia Measure, otherwise known as Donatella. In their curriculum, there are fior fior of reality shows like X Factor, The Island of the Famous, and Dance Dance Dance. The two young people we feel, therefore, for the fourth time, putting himself in a “prison sentence” in the Channel program the Five. Will play as competitors or individual will be defined competitor unique? To formalize its participation in the Big Brother Vip has thought of the roman comedian Maurizio Battista.

We continue the list of these alleged competitors of the reality show, citing the rumor about the showgirl (former Beijing Express) Giulia Salemi, the deejay and conductor Enrico Silvestrin,the actress Eleonora Giorgi (just view Dancing with the Stars) and the “soubrettina” Lisa Fusco (also ex de, The Island of the Famous). In the cast of Big Brother Vip 3 should be also Ivan Cattaneo, that only twelve months ago declared on the sa page Facebook of not be so interested to take part in this program.

Last names in chronological order among those cited by the weekly and the web, we spotlight the names of Jane Alexander (actress, ex-reality tv show MonteBianco), Walter Nudo (the winner of L'isola dei famosi) the judoka Fabio Basile (competitor revelation on Dancing with the Stars) and the former tronista of Men and Women Sara Affi Fella.

They will be the competitors of the third edition of Big Brother Vip 3? At the date of the official announcement of the cast so far...

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