Big Brother Vip 3, in the house there is a gifted: here's who (Photos)

Published on Oct 21, 2018

Between the walls of the house of Cinecittà, lies a competitor with large extra dimensions

In the last days of the third edition of Big Brother Vip is becoming more and more hot. Apparently the inside of the house of Cinecittà there is a competitor who is gifted and will reveal it was not only the person, but also his companions, who remained baffled by the measures disproportionate. But let's see which competitor it is.

Make note of this spicy story was the Gialappa's Band, in an event of Never say Big Brother Vip, the three have devoted a long space to the so-called Rocco Siffredi Cinecittà. He is a young Fabio Basile.

In detail, in the video aired by the trio, the fascinating world champion in judo, was sleeping in boxer shorts on his bed. In those moments, it is passed a Blessed Mace, and later Francesco Monte. The two competitors remained upset of the extra-large dimensions. To confirm all the sister Giulia See to it that he said this:

“He has a stuff huge”.

After that the competitor of the Big Brother Vip 3 he woke up his companions, they did note the particular to the person concerned. At that point Fabio Basile has not denied anything, in fact, has posted the dose in this way:

“I have to thank my mum, I know, I ‘na pizza so much”,

assertion that left shocked the alleged Marchesa Daniela Del Secco D'aragona.

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