Big Brother Vip 3: Giulia Salemi eliminated in the semi-final (also due to Fariba)


Published on Dec 04, 2018


Continue the ups and downs between the competitors of the house of Big Brother Vip 2018. After having discussed at length with the presenter, in the episode aired on December 4, also came the time of a double elimination, sanctioned through the televoting. Yes, because in the course of the evening, in addition to the classic elimination falls on the head of Lory Del Santo, the transmission has decided to take out another competitor so as to lighten the list of finalists.

To finish this off lightning was Stefano Sala (the name was chosen among the same competitors with a mechanism for exclusion) and Giulia Salemi, the latter due to a breach of the regulation that has seen even her mother Fariba.

According to the reconstructions shown through a movie, Ilary Blasi explained that Giulia Salemi and her mother Fariba, you are tacitly exchanged some information in the regulation of the reality show are strictly prohibited. In detail, in the course of the daytime the girl turned in the room and he asked his mother – speaking in Persian – if he could let her know a little more about what was happening outside the house.

The following Monday, the two were to meet in the course of a surprise and Fariba revealed to Giulia Salemi – always speaking in Persian – which was seen in a bad eye by the fans di Francesco Monte and that would have been more clever to try to convince the boy to communicate with his supporters in order to diminish this dislike. The Salemi has actually tried to convince the young apulian but failing miserably.

These communications, moreover, in a language we could not understand, did not go down-Big Brother Vip, which is resolved with a punishment: Giulia Salemi went directly to the televoting. A televoting which has not been able to overcome.

The sensations of hot and Giulia Salemi after the announcement of his elimination during the semifinals of the Big Brother Vip 3 : “I felt it going out? Yes, in fact, in this week often wondered, Francis, (Mount, ndr) to enjoy every moment. I had a feeling. Of my output, I do not want to blame my mom... But that's okay. I'm sorry it exits the exit but go to the televoting against Stephen... I'm happy to be the exit, head held high. It was a wonderful route”.

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