Big Brother Vip 3 eleventh episode: the nominees to the final of the separated


Published on Nov 20, 2018


It was a bet really very long and full of surprises the Big Brother Vip 3 (aired on the 19th of November 2018. The GF has fun with the contestants making believe of all of the children who have also thought of a double elimination. And instead, in the episode of yesterday, the eleventh, third edition, has been elected as the first finalist, or better the first finalist. The competitors in the house thought that this is a vote to remove a partner, and instead, among the 5 nominees, there was one of the finalists. It was, as always, the audience at home to choose the person you want to send in the final. The public has decided to vote for Silvia See that, separate from his sister, Giulia, is the final sprint in the final of this edition. About the final, Blasi has announced that, despite the episodes airing on Thursdays, will be closed in advance. The final of Big Brother Vip 3 will be aired on December 10, 2018, as expected.

The episode last of the Big Brother Vip is then gone ahead with the nominations. But let's discover in detail what happened after the proclamation of the Giulia as the first finalist of the third edition of the GF VIP.

While Silvia returns Home, Ilary asks the vip to be separate: from a part who was in the televoting (Blessed, Giulia Salemi, Andrea and Lory), on the other, the other (Giulia See, Walter, Francesco, Stefano, Martina and Jane). The two groups live separate because one will be living in the Cave, and can be appointed only the cavemen. At the bottom or rear of the lot: Walter in the confessional, to fishing the pyramidal black and condemning his ’team’ to live in the Cave, and, above all, to undergo the nomination.

The boys then have to choose between Walter, Francesco, Stefano, Martina and Jane. Stephen appoints Walter because “certain speeches we dealt with a little too much of superficiality”. Andrea appointment of Martina for exclusion. Martina appointment Walter because “with the other components I have a tie it really tight”. Blessed appoints Walter because “I'm sure you will save it”. Jane appoints Walter because “they still have not been able to establish a true relationship with him.” Lory appointment Martina because “I am the last in his preferences”. Francis appoints Jane for exclusion.

We proceed with the latest nomination. Giulia Salemi appointment Jane for exclusion. Giulia for giving the appointment, Walter, also her exclusion. Walter appointment of Jane because, “we have not tied particularly”. Silvia nominating Walter for exclusion. As was to be expected to fly towards the end are the young people of this third edition and gradually, in spite of the various tactics authorial, have “made out” enemies, or the more mature, let's say!

The nominees of this eleventh episode and then are Jane and Walter.

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