Big Brother Vip 2018: the Marchioness Of Aragon against the Countess De Blanck – VIDEO


Published on Oct 16, 2018


It was inevitable: after over ten days between Pomeriggio5 and Sunday Live Barbara D'urso has starred on the hand, Big Brother Vip had to obligatorily take care of this real or alleged, the charge of noble-owned subsidiary of the Marchesa Daniela Del Secco D'aragona. And to try to shed light on the case, the authors of the reality show Mediaset have decided to send in the house of Cinecittà another noblewoman: the countess Patrizia De Blanck, already known to fans of the reality show to its outputs, just composite in the studies de The Island of the Famous.

After having introduced the topic and the question to the direct question, the Marchesa Daniela Del Secco D'aragona was isolated from the rest of the roommates of the house of Big Brother Vip. The woman was shown a long movie in which are collected the two articles in the newsstand and that have occupied this “scandal” and some of the statements made by the guests of the program by Barbara D'urso, including the countess De Blanck, and the sister of Lisa Fusco.

La Marchesa Daniela Del Secco D'aragona has replicated to the movie saying that it was expected that the topic would have jumped out again, and that, if I feel it is appropriate, provide in the appropriate locations, evidence of his noble title. But it is not the time to threaten lawsuits on the behalf of the countess De Blanck for libel which the latter appears before him...

Between the two establishes immediately a quarrel, verbal. The De Blanck try to put their hands on him, to the Marchioness, who, however replication immediately, pushing aside his arm grabbed by his opponent: “But how dare you?!” he exclaims. Even Ilary Blasi in a study mention that I found a bit exaggerated in the search of a physical contact on the part of the countess.

Here comes the Countess Patrizia De Blank and immediately is the clash  #GFVIP

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Between accusations and claims that are non-sense, Ilary Blasi asks the countess Patrizia De Blanck to leave the home because they had run out of the time available for this comparison. Ultimately, however, it has not been clarified in any way that the Marquise has a real title of nobility, or if it is a game that the woman brings forth as a public figure...

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