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Published on Nov 23, 2018


Continue the ups and downs between the competitors of the house of Big Brother Vip 2018. After having discussed at length with the presenter, in the episode of 22 November also came the time of the deletion, as attested by televoting. At risk, there were only two competitors: the “zen” Walter Nude and actress Jane Alexander. Before announcing the verdict, the tv presenter Ilary Blasi has asked Andrea Mainardi and Martina Hamdy to retrieve an envelope in which there was written the name of the competitor eliminated: after a moment of suspense, the two have opened the message and have announced the sad news: Jane Alexander to the deleted items from the week.

Made the due greetings of the rite, Jane Alexander has left the house of Big Brother Vip and was live in the studio. Shortly after, the actress has joined in the studio, he greeted Ilary Blasi and Alfonso Signorini and it is granted to a brief – we would say a very short interview.

“As if he comes out of this blender of Big Brother? Well if it comes out!” – explains Jane Alexander to host – “I already knew that I would not exit. I felt it. Then I had three long days to prepare myself psychologically. I am now quite well. I feel strong. Before entering I did not feel so strong...“.

At that point, Ilary Blasi asks her – in a way that is somewhat capziosa – if you are ready to make things clear with her feelings: “Clarity? Well, it's obvious that I need to do clearly with... a couple of people. So, yes, I'm scared... in part, yes, but partly no. I do these days I thought a lot of it. When I entered I did nothing but think about. And then I already imagined various things. Let's say that now I am ready for anything. Whatever will happen, I have to be ready to manage it”.

After the compliments, spontaneous, Alfonso Signorini, In the studio concocted a meeting in full regalia between Jane, Alexander and Elia Fongaro. She runs to reach her “lover” and they exchange a passionate kiss.

The public has decided: the competitor must officially leave the house #GFVIP is Jane.

Publiée par Big Brother sur Jeudi 22 November 2018


Jane Alexander was “saved” by only 31% of the votes. Insufficient to be able to stay in the house of Big Brother Vip 2018.

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