Big Brother Vip 2018: Fariba and the magic is made on Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi


Published on Nov 27, 2018


Has caused a sensation in the last few days the news spread of the web show of Alfonso Signorini, who racconterebbe a magic achieved by the Fariba (mother of Giulia Salemi) in order to foster the birth of a love between his daughter and Francesco Monte. The peculiarity that he would put the alert on the web concerns the particular ingredients used by the woman to create this spell: according to the statements of Fariba, the “pot” have been thrown out a cigarette smoked by Francesco Monte and a pubic hair of Cecilia Rodriguez.

To try to clarify the question, all the protagonists of this story are found in the house of Big Brother Vip. Here's what happened in the room superled.

After a brief hug, Fariba has immediately explained to his daughter the whole truth about the much-talked-spell done to promote the creation of a feeling among Francesco Monte and the inbred Giulia Salemi: I was a joke. There was absolutely nothing real in it is told in the web format House of Lords. And Fariba added more details...

The woman explained that they had followed a script built from the program House Signorini and have received compliments from the reporter of gossip Gabriele Parpiglia to found “genial”. Signorini, in connection with the study, we were required to point out that he never wrote a script for this scene; the woman corrects the shooting, saying that the script would have received from the editors of the show House Signorini.

The deal, however, is complicated because Ilary Blasi tells the whole house that among the many protagonists involved in this affair, there is also the father of Francesco Monte -worried by this macumba, on the contrary, he tried by phone in the preparation of the Big Brother Vip 2018 for information on this regrettable incident.

...will be the merit of the spell Fariba? 😂#GFVIP

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This event is the most talked about in the course of the long direct Big Brother Vip 2018, but the episode ended, Francesco Monte has had a heated confrontation with Giulia Salemi: send him on a rampage that is the incredible involvement of his ex-girlfriend (Cecilia Rodriguez, ndr) that was supposed to provide her pubic hair to create this spell; but above all the calls of his father in the drafting of the reality, obviously, was very concerned by this false news.

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