Big Brother Vip 2018, a competitor has left the House

Published on Oct 13, 2018

A contestant of Big Brother Vip 2018 has decided to definitively leave the house most watched of Italy. The resounding shot of the scene took place in the morning of Saturday, October 13, and left the audience open-mouthed. The official confirmation came via the release of the program branched from gieffino the same.

Well, to leave for ever the Big Brother Vip 2018 was Maurizio Battista. It had been a few days that the comic was going to leave. The other competitors made him change his mind until now. This decision is gained for personal reasons, at least this is what leaked from the release.

In the last hours circulates the rumors about a possible pregnancy of the partner of the Baptist. When the woman had gone into the house of the GF to make him a surprise, had touched the belly.

To notice this curious detail was Walter Naked and chef Andrea Mainardi. If the suspicions of the two competitors would prove to be well-founded, for Mauritius it would be the fourth son (the first two were born from two previous marriages). During the episode of Monday, probably will be made some light on the whole issue.

It may be that this abandonment of a sudden, the editors of Big Brother Vip 3 can respond by entering another competitor. At the moment there is just a big unknown. Monday evening we will know who will be eliminated and who will end up nominated. Also, there should be special guests.

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