Big Brother Vip 2017 at the start: five appointed


Published on Sep 12, 2017


It was a long evening in the company of Big Brother Vip and 2017, but in the end we made it! After one we also had the names of the first 5 competitors that could take the risk of leaving the house in the next week. Five appointed to go off and risk elimination. The competitors were divided into two teams, the blue team and the red team and they had to vote between them. The red team has virtually picked the sacrificial victim, Carla, the model of which they knew nothing. And it's good that we are in the Big Brother Vip. The only one to have done it a different name, it was Flaherty who has chosen Luca Onestini. The model has not had even a glimmer of insight, and she has made the name of the former tronista condemning himself probably, if only he had done also another name, the nominees would have been three and she might have had higher hopes. The situation is different in the house of the blue, or better Tristopoli where the competitors have not done a lot of strategies, maybe, and have voted for three different people. Also in this case the sacrifice of the beautiful model Ivana Mrazova who, however, is not the only one to go to the televoting. His team, in fact, also appoints Gianluca Impastato Ignazio Moser. There seems to be almost taken for granted the outcome of the televoting for the next week, something tells us that it will be one of two models to leave the reality, don't you think?

It will be a long week for all: the red team will be able to enjoy the house, its comfort, and perhaps we will also see less bickering, who knows. The blue team will need to first rearrange the train of Tristopoli and better organize the station. Definitely have an extra gear, always eager to remain, Cristiano Malgioglio, who could bring laughter, or in the alternative, the lite easy, it will depend a bit from him. Certain in this edition of view the difference between the Vip and famous people. Just think of the attitude of Simona Izzo and Malgioglio precisely. Of the rest, in part, also have the reason, because they are truly the stars, if compared for example to the two sconisciutissime models.

The first episode was not exciting but it has made us realize that there is great potential in this Big Brother Vip, and that in a few hours-perhaps we could also tell you of the first quarrel between roommates. We'll see! We'll keep you updated. You, however, you have already chosen your favorite?


Carla the beautiful model of the red wines: 35%

Ivana the beautiful model of the blue: 35 %

Luca Onestini the former tronista in the red team: 5 %

Ignazio Moser of the beautiful rider of blue: 15 %

Gianluca Impastato is the funny comedian of the blue: 10%

Do you agree with our prediction?




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