Big Brother, Marchesa D'aragona without shame: Basile in his underpants and she...

Published on Oct 01, 2018

Big Brother vip la Marchesa D'aragona is often to speak of her. The most recent news that has circulated about her, however, is not very flattering

The Marchesa d'aragona always knows how to have fun and make the end of even a gesture of the catwalk in her underwear. But the eyes can betray.

It is not easy for the Marchioness Of Aragon stay in a house, like that of Big Brother vip in which there are everywhere cameras and privacy, and reduced to a minimum. She is definitely accustomed to take special care of his intimacy because he is the last bastion of the old nobility.

But it seems that it is set well and has established a good relationship with the guys in the house. Also if more younger than she, Giulia Salemi and Fabio Basile seems to love being in his company.

In the house of Big Brother Vip, Fabio Basile has thought well to remove the dress only a couple of slip-black, and very narrow in front of everyone. A show that seems to have been very much appreciated both by Giulia Salemi from the same Marchesa D'aragona.

His gaze has not gone unnoticed by the cameras of Big Brother. No one can escape their grip. Now it is she who is caught by this photograph. It seems clear that the Marchersa and look at it with ill-concealed interest. Well, on the other hand, in front of so much beauty is difficult to be distracted.

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