Bianca Guaccero closes Said Made tears: to you a very sweet christmas gift (VIDEO)


Published on Dec 20, 2019


The last episode of 2019 for the Said Fact. The program of Bianca Guaccero does not live his edition of lucky, but it is a great product and has a key feature: entertains the audience with elegance and grace, a rare thing to see on tv these days! In the last episode of that aired today, December 20, 2019, now is also a sweet gift for Bianca Guaccero. The presenter has first sang with his travel companions, a beautiful Christmas song to thank the audience for all the great affection you have shown him ( because even if they are few,should always be thanked, and White has done very well). And then for the tv presenter got a video message unexpected. Some people have wanted to send her greetings: we are relatives, there are colleagues, there are friends Vip. A surprise that White didn't expect, and also this she could not hold back the tears. It then closes with the tears of joy this 2019 bittersweet for White who enjoys his work and also the many compliments that always for her to arrive from the professionals and not only. White is loved by all the staff for the courtesy that characterizes it, which is not a rare thing for someone who does this work.

Among the wishes for Bianca Guaccero arrived those of Alessandra Amoroso that as a good pugliese, he wished to spend holidays peaceful with all his family. And then there are also the wishes of Gigi d'alessio! Among other wishes, even those of an aunt of Bianca, who follows Said and Done knows that often the presenter jokes, quoting his relatives! And Aunt Paola was waiting for the holidays, to spend many hours in his company. There are also the wishes of Matilde Brandi that reminds you of what White is special, is versatile, is a great professional. Among the wishes for a White, even those of a dear cousin who could not miss the appeal.

And here's the video to thrill you again with Bianca Guaccero and not only!

The episode today was full of surprises and emotions, just to tell you how happy we are of your affection. 💘 #dettofattorai

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We remind you that Said and Done back on the air January 7, 2020 with a new edition to follow.

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